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In the age of data and information, datacenters are constantly being equipped and upgraded, as they are the basis of modern business activity. The very important and often highly sensitive data storage devices must be kept running constantly and properly.

It takes fine-tuning and in-depth study to support a modern datacenter properly, reliably and securely.

In the figure below we can see a general example of an integrated uninterruptible power solution.

Tescom Hellas, has the knowledge and experience to consistently provide specialized solutions of uninterrupted and stable energy for modern datacenters with high demands. Our specialized technical staff, records, calculates and proposes the most efficient and cost-effective uninterruptible power solution.


Specialised staff visit the premises and record infrastructure, devices and loads that need support.



Our team of experienced technicians calculate the power draws and select the ideal Tescom devices that give the best performance.



All devices are checked, transported and installed. All necessary adjustments and tests are made and the solution is delivered complete.

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