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free standing

The Lande® Hyperline Free Standing series features a wide range of large network floor cabins 16U – 47U for mounting your critical equipment. It can safely accommodate servers, ups, dense cabling, storage and networking devices, etc. These are network cabins of robust and fully automated construction that ensure excellent quality and ergonomics, while providing convenience to the installer and user with an appearance that suits any professional environment. The special design helps passive hot air extraction for better efficiency and economy in power consumption.

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  • 2 years
  • Innovative

We have incorporated the most advanced technologies. Contact us to inform you about them.

The warranty of the product is 2 years. You can extend the warranty of the device for more years through a maintenance contract.

Maintenance contracts not only extend the warranty of your device, but also offer you a range of very useful services.

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    • Available in heights 16/20/22/26/32/36/42/47 U with available dimensions from 600x600mm up to 800x1000mm
    • Polyester powder coating for greater durability and better finish
    • Glass or perforated front door, with security lock and metal frame
    • Opening side panels with security lock
    • Maximum strength weight 600kg
    • Ventilation doors at the top with the possibility of installing fans for active hot air extraction
    • Wiring insertion ports at the top and bottom with special protection brushes - dimensions 70x140mm
    • It has 4 19" scaffolding (columns) with U-numbering and special finish for the safe support of the equipment and protection of the installer from injuries.
    • Adjustable mounting feet
    • Certificates: ISO 9001:2008, CE EN 60950-1:2006, %100 Recyclable


ProductCodeHeight (U)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Strength (kg)
Lande HYPERLINE 16U 600x800mmRAC.055216600800600
Lande HYPERLINE 16U 600x600mmRAC.055016600600600
Lande HYPERLINE 20U 600x800mmRAC.055320600800600
Lande HYPERLINE 22U 600x800mmRAC.055422600800600
Lande HYPERLINE 22U 600x1000mmRAC.0383226001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 22U 600x600mmRAC.055122600600600
Lande HYPERLINE 26U 800x800mmRAC.039326800800600
Lande HYPERLINE 26U 600x600mm RAC.037326600600600
Lande HYPERLINE 26U 600x800mm RAC.037826600800600
Lande HYPERLINE 26U 600x1000mm PerfRAC.0389266001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 26U 600x1000mmRAC.0384266001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 32U 600x600mm RAC.037432600600600
Lande HYPERLINE 32U 800x800mmRAC.039432800800600
Lande HYPERLINE 32U 600x600mm PerfRAC.054632600600600
Lande HYPERLINE 32U 600x1000mmRAC.0385326001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 32U 600x800mm RAC.037932600800600
Lande HYPERLINE 36U 600x1000mmRAC.0386366001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 36U 600x800mm RAC.038036600800600
Lande HYPERLINE 36U 600x1000mm PerfRAC.0390366001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 36U 600x600mm RAC.037536600600600
Lande HYPERLINE 36U 800x800mmRAC.039536800800600
Lande HYPERLINE 42U 600x800mm PerfRAC.054742600800600
Lande HYPERLINE 42U 800x1200mmRAC.0568428001200600
Lande HYPERLINE 42U 800x1000mm PerfRAC.0400428001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 42U 800x1000mmRAC.0398428001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 42U 800x800mmRAC.039642800800600
Lande HYPERLINE 42U 600x1000mm PerfRAC.0391426001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 42U 600x1000mmRAC.0387426001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 42U 600x800mm RAC.038142600800600
Lande HYPERLINE 42U 600x600mm RAC.037642600600600
Lande HYPERLINE 47U 800x800mmRAC.039747800800600
Lande HYPERLINE 47U 800x1000mmRAC.0399478001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 47U 800x1000mm RAC.0401478001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 47U 600x1000mm PerfRAC.0392476001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 47U 600x1000mmRAC.0388476001000600
Lande HYPERLINE 47U 600x800mm RAC.038247600800600
Lande HYPERLINE 47U 600x600mm RAC.037747600600600