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wall mounting

The Lande® Safebox B IP55 range of indoor network cabinets has been designed with safety and protection of critical equipment and cables in demanding indoor environmental conditions in mind. It features an IP55 waterproofing rating to protect against moisture and dust, as well as a passive airflow and air filtration system to quickly remove hot air from equipment. Also, in cases where necessary the passive air flow filters can be replaced with suitable fans which are fitted with a thermostat for extra protection. For 7U-9U sizes it has a single security lock, while for 12U-16U sizes it has a double security lock. Each package includes the grounding cables and special brackets for wall mounting. The Safebox B / Indoor range of network cabinets can deservedly be the ideal safeguarding solution for every business need. Maximum strength weight 300Kg in case of surface mounting, while for floor mounting we have a strength weight of 800kg.

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  • 2 years
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    • Available in heights 7/9/12/16 U with available dimensions 600x300mm, 600x450mm and 600x600mm
    • Polyester powder coating for greater durability and better finish
    • It has 2 19" scaffolds (columns) with U numbering and special finish for the safe support of the equipment and the protection of the installer from injuries
    • Waterproofness index IP55
    • Maximum strength weight 300Kg (on surface support)
    • High passive air extraction
    • Possibility of mounting a rear metal sheet inside the cab for the suspension of special equipment
    • It has 4 PG21 cable inputs
    • Certificates:ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, RoHS Compliancy according to 2011/65/EU, CE EN 60950-1:2006, %100 Recyclable
    • Indoor Safebox IP55 19"


ProductCodeHeight (U)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Strength (kg)
Lande SAFEBOX B IP55 / INDOOR 7U 600x300mmRAC.04027600300300
Lande SAFEBOX B IP55 / INDOOR 7U 600x450mmRAC.04067600450300
Lande SAFEBOX B IP55 / INDOOR 7U 600x600mmRAC.04107600600300
Lande SAFEBOX B IP55 / INDOOR 9U 600x300mmRAC.04039600300300
Lande SAFEBOX B IP55 / INDOOR 9U 600x450mmRAC.04079600450300
Lande SAFEBOX B IP55 / INDOOR 9U 600x600mmRAC.04119600600300
Lande SAFEBOX B IP55 / INDOOR 12U 600x300mmRAC.040412600300300
Lande SAFEBOX B IP55 / INDOOR 12U 600x450mmRAC.040812600450300
Lande SAFEBOX B IP55 / INDOOR 12U 600x600mmRAC.041212600600300
Lande SAFEBOX B IP55 / INDOOR 16U 600x300mmRAC.040516600300300
Lande SAFEBOX B IP55 / INDOOR 16U 600x450mmRAC.040916600450300
Lande SAFEBOX B IP55 / INDOOR 16U 600x600mmRAC.041316600600300