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free standing

19" unassembled floor standing cabinet available in 22U - 42U with glass door in front and fully removable covers on the side and back. Maximum strength 600kgs.Tip: Ideal for transportation in rural or limited access areas.

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  • 5 years
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    • Available dimensions: (WxW) 600x600, 600x800, 600x1000, 800x800, 800x1000mm
    • Easy change of door opening direction and choice between different door types front and rear
    • 4 vertical 19'' 1.5 mm depth-adjustable and U-numbered two-way support rails
    • Special finish to avoid injuries on the rails
    • Bulk wiring inputs from the roof and bottom
    • Ready-made ventilation unit slots with 2-4 fans
    • Available in RAL 9005 and RAL 7035
    • Includes adjustable regulators and grounding kit
    • Certificates ISO 9001:2008, CE EN 60950-1:2006


ProductCodeHeight (U)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Strength (kg)
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 22U 600x800mRAC.006622600800600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 22U 600x1000mmRAC.0201226001000600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 22U 600x600mmRAC.006522600600600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 26U 600x1000mmRAC.0197266001000600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 26U 600x800mmRAC.006926600800600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 26U 600x600mmRAC.006826600600600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC SERVER 26U 600x1000mRAC.0067266001000600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 32U 600x600mmRAC.007032600600600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 32U 600x800mmRAC.007132600800600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 32U 800x800mmRAC.007232800800600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 32U 600x1000mmRAC.0202326001000600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 36U 600x600mmRAC.007336600600600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 36U 600x800mmRAC.007436600800600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 36U 800x800mmRAC.007536800800600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 36U 800x1000mmRAC.0204368001000600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 36U 600x1000mmRAC.0203366001000600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 42U 600x1000mmRAC.0198426001000600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 42U 800x1000mmRAC.0205428001000600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC SERVER 42U 600x800mmRAC.018542600800600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 42U 800x800mmRAC.008042800800600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC SERVER 42U 800x1000mmRAC.0079428001000600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 42U 600x800mmRAC.007842600800600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC 42U 600x600mmRAC.007742600600600
Lande DYNAMIC BASIC SERVER 42U 600x1000mmRAC.0076426001000600