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The ES (5Ah-65Ah) and ESC (100Ah-200Ah) battery series are long-life batteries for all commercial and industrial applications. They are designed to provide longer life and excellent performance at high discharge rates, with fast recharge times. Examples include their widespread use in UPS, vacuum cleaners, lighting systems, cash registers, boosters, etc.

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  • 3 years
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When price is the most important criterion.

The warranty of the product is 3 years. You can extend the warranty of the device for more years through a maintenance contract.

Maintenance contracts not only extend the warranty of your device, but also offer you a range of very useful services.

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    • Leak-free closed press construction
    • Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
    • Absorptive Glass Mat System (AGM System)
    • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) construction (FR optional)
    • Suspension of Gas Recirculation
    • Ventilation system for low internal pressure
    • Low Self-Discharge
    • Durable, Highly Optimized Curvature
    • High Power Output
    • Wide Temperature Operation
    • Operation Without Maintenance


ProductCodeVoltage (V)Design LifeCapacity (Ah)
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V5AhBAT.03731210 years5
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V7AhBAT.03741210 years7
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V9AhBAT.01151210 years9
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V12AhBAT.03751210 years12
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V18AhBAT.03761210 years18
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V26AhBAT.03771210 years26
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V42AhBAT.03781210 years42
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V65AhBAT.03851210 years65
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V100AhBAT.03861212 years100
EnerRocket ES/ESC 12V200AhBAT.03871212 years200