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solar inverters

Tescom's small and lightweight three-phase On-grid Solar Inverter has the highest efficiency in the market (up to 98.65%).It is made for industrial and residential use with high demands. It can withstand all conditions, with high quality Industrial-grade materials and a rustproof aluminum housing. It automatically adapts to weak and unstable supplies and has unparalleled power density. Connects via WiFi to a smart phone for full remote control and settings.

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  • 10 years
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When price is the most important criterion.

The guarantee of the product is 10 years. You can extend the warranty of the device for more years through a maintenance contract.

Maintenance contracts not only extend the warranty of your device, but also offer you a range of very useful services.

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    • IP65
    • Unmatched power density
    • The highest return on the market 98.65%
    • Cast aluminium alloy housing that never rusts
    • High quality Industrial-grade materials
    • No fuses, no fan
    • IP65 waterproof and dust resistant
    • Remote wireless data transmission and cloud storage
    • Smart management via smart phone
    • Lightning protection


ProductCodePhasesInput powerOutput powerMaximum output intensity (A)
Tescom INVERTER 3phase INV3005NSINV.0025Three-phase6.5KW5KW7.3A
Tescom INVERTER 3phase INV3006NSINV.0026Three-phase7.8KW6KW8.7A
Tescom INVERTER 3phase INV3008NSINV.0027Three-phase10.4KW8KW11.6A
Tescom INVERTER 3phase INV3010NSINV.0028Three-phase13KW10KW14.5A
Tescom INVERTER 3phase INV3013NSINV.0029Three-phase16.9KW13KW18.9A
Tescom INVERTER 3phase INV3016NSINV.0030Three-phase20.8KW16KW23.2A