Corporate event for the cutting of the Tescom Hellas cake

In the renovated premises of Tescom Hellas in Moschato, on 11 January, the cutting of the cake for 2024 took place.

Corporate event for the cutting of the Tescom Hellas cake

In a beautiful event attended by the staff of Athens, our new colleagues from the Thessaloniki branch and the company's management, the company's New Year's cake for 2024 was cut. The event was accompanied by wishes for consistently high quality and even more innovative products, as well as for even better services to the company's customer network in Greece and Southern Europe.

the team of Tescom Hellas

The 3 pie coins drawn this year, in the original way of the wheel of fortune, have been for years an established way of rewarding the management to the employees who give their best every year for the progress and success of the company.

With the event of 11 January 2024, the celebration of the Christmas and New Year's holidays, which had begun on 22 December in the same place, was completed with a beautiful festive event in which a Secret Santa gift exchange took place among the employees and with the participation of the company with gift vouchers from a well-known chain for all employees.

After the positive results of 2023, the company's investments in new staff and improved facilities and the establishment of the branch in Thessaloniki, the new year dawns for Tescom Hellas and its employees with significant expectations for even greater successes and better results for 2024.