Why do I need a UPS?

Why it is necessary to protect electronic devices from UPS

Why do I need a UPS?

Dangerous and unexpected changes in the power supply network, due to technical problems as well as induction during lightning strikes and other external factors, disrupt the normal local power supply. These often, unperceived variations can cause immediate destruction, gradual stress or malfunction of electronic devices and contribute to the unexpected interruption of these and critical processes with incalculable economic losses.

UPS can protect devices and entire electrical installations from:

  1. Power loss (power failure)
  2. Voltage drop (short or long term)
  3. Trend rise (short or long-term)
  4. Supply frequency change (The increase or decrease in the frequency of the voltage)
  5. Voltage drop (The instantaneous for nanoseconds power failure)
  6. Harmonic distortion (The very high distortion of the supply voltage)
  7. Causing unwanted noise (electromagnetic interference).

Read the Tips for choosing the right UPS to select the UPS device that will protect your devices and network properly and economically.