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Line Interactive

Line-interactive UPS with simulated sinusoidal voltage at the output. They have a control microprocessor and integrated input voltage stabilization circuit for greater reliability and liquid crystal display for complete control. Ideal, economical solutions for home use and business premises. They can protect against power surges, dips and power outages and support PCs, router-modems, TV, Video game consoles, telephone devices, cash registers etc. They are lightweight and compact. 

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  • 2 years
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The warranty of the product is 2 years. This product range does not support an extended warranty.

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    • Line Interactive technology with Microprocessor controller
    • Legible LCD monitor for monitoring operating, battery status and power
    • ABM technology to increase battery life
    • Short Circuit and Overload Protection
    • Charging the batteries even when they are not in use
    • Automatic frequency detection 50/60Hz
    • It is lightweight and compact
    • Monitoring of operation, batteries and current
    • Automatic restart in case of power failure
    • Automatic Voltage Stabilization (AVR) to correct dips and surges without using the battery power supply
    • Protection of the telephone line / modem / fax
    • Free software for monitoring, managing, automatically storing and shutting down supported equipment
    • Sockets: 2 x Schuko (650VA - 850VA) // 4 x Schuko (1000VA - 2000 VA)


ProductCodeAutonomy at 50% (min)Autonomy at 100% (min)PressContactPower (VA)Power (Watt)Phases (IN/OUT)Output voltage signalOther
Tescom LEO PRO LCD 650APUPS.023994TowerUSB650390Single phase (1/1)Simulated SinewaveBatteries: 1 x 12v7ah
Tescom LEO PRO LCD 850APUPS.0240104TowerUSB850480Single phase (1/1)Simulated SinewaveBatteries: 1 x 12v9ah
Tescom LEO PRO LCD 1000APUPS.0231104TowerUSB1000600Single phase (1/1)Simulated SinewaveBatteries: 2 x 12v7ah
Tescom LEO PRO LCD 1500APUPS.0232104TowerUSB1500900Single phase (1/1)Simulated SinewaveBatteries: 2 x 12v9ah
Tescom LEO PRO LCD 2000APUPS.023393TowerUSB20001200Single phase (1/1)Simulated SinewaveBatteries: 2 x 12v9ah