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Smart single-phase ON-LINE UPS with zero switching time, pure sine voltage at output and high efficiency with power factor, Power Factor = 1. It has dual inverter technology and the ability to support different loads. It provides excellent protection for critical loads, eliminating all power grid disturbances. It is the ideal solution for protecting servers, computer applications, security equipment, medical devices, laboratories, etc. Does not require electrical installation (1-3kVA)  and provides the ability to expand batteries for greater autonomy thanks to its enhanced charger. It has a rotating screen that can be mounted as a Tower but also as a Rack. It is lightweight, small and with a low noise footprint.

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  • 2 years
  • Smart

Why think when automated solutions exist?

The warranty of the product is 2 years. You can extend the warranty of the device for more years through a maintenance contract.

Maintenance contracts not only extend the warranty of your device, but also offer you a range of very useful services.

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    • True On-Line UPS with input power factor > 99.9
    • Output power factor (P.F.) 1
    • Multi-function LCD display
    • Cold Start
    • RS232 & USB port, SNMP (optional)
    • Rack/Tower Topology
    • Enhanced charger up to 8A (on 1-3kVA models)
    • CSB batteries for autonomy up to 14 min (50% charge)
    • Automatic restart
    • Cold start
    • * The price does not include batteries for XL models
    • Sockets: 8 x IEC 320 C13 (1 - 2kVA) // 8 x IEC 320 C13 + 1 x IEC 320 C19 (3kVA)


ProductCodeAutonomy at 50% (min)Autonomy at 100% (min)PressContactPower (VA)Power (Watt)Phases (IN/OUT)Output voltage signalOther
Tescom PRIME PLUS 1101 SRT UPS.0538113Rack - TowerUSB , RS232 . SNMP(optional)10001000Single phase (1/1)Pure SinewaveBatteries: 2 x 12 V / 9 AH
Tescom PRIME PLUS 1102 SRTUPS.0539113Rack - TowerUSB , RS232 . SNMP(optional)20002000Single phase (1/1)Pure SinewaveBatteries: 4 x 12 V / 9 AH
Tescom PRIME PLUS 1103 SRTUPS.0509114RackUSB , RS232 . SNMP(optional)30003000Single phase (1/1)Pure SinewaveBatteries: 6 x 12 V 9 AH
Tescom PRIME PLUS 1106 SRT XLUPS.0516Depending on the type and number of batteriesDepending on the type and number of batteriesRack - TowerUSB , RS232 . SNMP(optional)60006000Single phase (1/1)Pure SinewaveBatteries not included
Tescom PRIME PLUS 1110 SRT XLUPS.0517Depending on the type and number of batteriesDepending on the type and number of batteriesRack - TowerUSB , RS232 . SNMP(optional)1000010000Single phase (1/1)Pure SinewaveBatteries not included