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Tescom Hellas has been operating as a subsidiary of the multi-faceted DMY Group since 2007. TESCOM, a member company of the DMY Group, is a leading manufacturer of stabilization and uninterruptible power systems. It offers innovative, certified solutions that ensure smooth, safe and continuous operation of electrical and electronic installations, domestic, commercial and industrial applications. With a focus on high quality workmanship, maximum energy efficiency and energy savings, TESCOM products are designed with economy and maximum benefit to end users in mind.

LANDE A.S. is a manufacturer of Racks and Cabinets, offering products that support multi-modal structured cabling infrastructures. The company offers a wide range of flexible and energy efficient solutions for cooling and protection of critical passive active equipment. Tescom Hellas is the exclusive representative of Lande A.S. in Greece.


We are constantly working to improve the quality of the products and services we offer, in order to stay at the forefront of technological developments, safety and competition.

In this context, our key objectives include:

Offering technologically innovative, safe and well-designed solutions that will accurately respond to market needs and maximise the benefits of their use.

To increase the value of our company, through the optimization of our business operations and the careful planning of our expansion into new areas of activity both in the Greek and European markets.


Today the company - and after its latest moves - promotes products that cover a huge range such as UPS, Racks, AVR, Inverters, Chargers, Solar Systems, Static Switches, Batteries, H/Z and generally in systems related to uninterruptible power.


The company's strategic choice is to provide reliable solutions of uninterruptible power supply (UPS), voltage stabilizers (AVR), structured cabling (Racks, Cabinets), batteries and related products, adapted to the specific needs of the market and their continuous technical support in Greece and in European countries.

Human resources

All of the above and everything we plan to do in the future could not be achieved without the contribution of our staff. From the very first moment, the company has invested and continues to invest in people with knowledge and vision, who with their way, their knowledge and their effort will effectively contribute to the realization of what we dream of. Both from the first day of operation with a staff of 3 people and today when the staff has risen to 30 people, we all work together to achieve the goals we have set.

An important criterion in the selection of staff is knowledge and specialization, and this results in 80% of the staff being graduates of higher or higher schools and many of them holding postgraduate and doctoral degrees with relevant specialization.

Pre-sales & Support

An important part of the company from the first day of operation was the provision of services, covering both the area of integrated technical support of the offered products (repair & installation), as well as the need of our customers for integrated solutions.

The services offered cover both the recording of the need and the full implementation and support after installation, including the electrical installation.

Based on this philosophy, our company has a Pre-Sales department and a Technical Service that successfully covers all of the above. These departments are composed of certified engineers, graduates of Higher & Advanced Schools, with postgraduate and doctoral degrees in the respective specialties, with more than 20 years of experience and all the necessary logistical infrastructure (tools and spare parts), thus covering any need or requirement of our customers while offering the highest degree of performance and reliability of the solutions offered.


Company profile


The vision of both our shareholders and our staff is to create a healthy growing company that will be led in a short period of time to the first positions of the Greek market and at the same time will expand with steady and sure steps in the European market. The markets of Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and the demanding German market have already been set as top priorities.

In the long term, our vision foresees the creation of the first UPS, AVR & CHARGER production or assembly plant that will allow us to have an even more dynamic presence in the international market.

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