Energy-autonomous buildings and uninterrupted energy supply

We are in the age where technology has advanced to the point where an energy-autonomous building can become a reality.

Energy-autonomous buildings and uninterrupted energy supply

Energy autonomy and the ways in which it can be achieved is a topic of increasing concern to more and more professionals and individuals. We are in the age where technology has evolved to the point where an energy autonomous building can become a reality. Energy-autonomous buildings are "green", save money, and are not subject to unexpected fluctuations in costs and quality of services.

Study and design Before any investment, it is necessary to accurately calculate the energy needs of the building, including a sufficient surplus for possible additions or upgrades in the future. In addition to the design of the basic energy production method (photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, etc.), the installation of a series of devices that will store, convert and guarantee a continuous supply of energy to the autonomous building must be calculated.

solar inverter Its job is to convert the direct current produced by the solar panels into alternating current, which is the current used by all electrical appliances. In addition, the inverter is the "brains" of a solar system, as it protects it from short circuits and leaks by grounding it, while collecting all the data of its operation. If there is a problem with the system in general, or with a specific solar panel, the Inverter can detect it and inform it through alerts in related software.

Battery The storage of the energy produced by an autonomous building guarantees its uninterrupted operation. When conditions do not allow energy to be produced (darkness, lulls, etc.), power is supplied by our batteries. The time that the batteries provide power to our building depends on their quantity and level of charge.

Hybrid UPS It guarantees the uninterrupted operation of electrical appliances if there is a drop in the main supply like a standard UPS, with the important difference that it can be connected to any power source. This makes the hybrid UPS ideal for a stand-alone building that is likely to use photovoltaic panels, wind turbines or even diesel generators. The hybrid UPS constantly monitors its sources and depending on availability, adjusts consumption using the most economical option.

Generator Whether used as a primary supply or as a backup solution, the generator is a highly reliable and efficient source of energy. An Industrial-grade diesel generator can produce power continuously for many hours, even days. The engine and control system determine how reliable and quality a generator is.

Tescom Hellas offers complete solutions for energy autonomous buildings with On-grid and Off-grid Solar Inverters, high quality VRLA and Gel batteries with thousands of charging cycles and long life, reliable and smart hybrid UPS with remote management and unique features and Industrial-grade Diesel generators with engines from leading international brands and Tescom control system.