The right time to invest in energy and storage systems

Whether it is a small project at the home or office level, or something quite complex, there are nowadays many reasons to consider an investment in the field of energy production, storage and management using photovoltaic panels, special solar inverters, and perhaps even a battery system.

The right time to invest in energy and storage systems

Trends in the energy sector

The energy sector in the last 5 years has been the fastest growing and perhaps the most important in the world. The war in Ukraine and the constant fluctuations in production costs, combined with the general shift towards renewable sources, have convinced the last consumer or business that there is a total and real need to change the model of energy management and production.

Several governments - especially those belonging to the so-called Western world - have for years now made plans for de-lignification and a shift towards green solutions, while what has happened in recent years has highlighted to the utmost the need to become independent of fossil fuels for geopolitical and military reasons.

The shift towards local renewable energies is no longer analysed in economic terms only, while the parallel reduction in the average cost of building a photovoltaic or wind farm has made generation, storage and management projects more attractive to investors than ever before.

In Greece, as in Europe, there are clearly defined targets for the transition to renewable energy sources with a horizon from 2025 to 2050. For this reason we have seen a huge increase in investment in this sector and it is certain that this will continue over the next 5 to 10 years.

Subsidised programmes

Households and businesses have now been added to this game, with various programs that subsidize the installation of autonomous photovoltaic systems using the so-called net-metering.

Recently, the Ministry of Environment changed the framework and finally allowed the operation of what is referred to as virtual net-metering and essentially for a producer of energy to "store" it in the grid and use it in a different location either for its own use or as a service to someone else.

These projects can be from relatively simple at home or office level, with the installation of photovoltaic panels, special solar inverters, as well as perhaps a battery system, to very complex for the creation of a special energy production and storage station (grid-scale) where a systematic study of the requirements and the construction and maintenance process is necessary.

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