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AVR 33


Three-phase voltage stabilizer. It has a servo motor to protect the loads of professional and industrial applications. Robust construction, high efficiency, ease of operation and maintenance. Features digital display for reading electrical values and offers overload & short circuit protection. It is designed with the smallest possible dimensions for easy fitting in the space.

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  • 2 years
  • Loud

More powerful than anything else. For power users who don't compromise.

The warranty of the product is 2 years. You can extend the warranty of the device for more years through a maintenance contract.

Maintenance contracts not only extend the warranty of your device, but also offer you a range of very useful services.

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ProductCodeVoltage rangePower (VA)Power (Watt)TechnologyPress
Tescom AVR 33 3310AVR.0155Standard1050010500ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 3315AVR.0156Standard1500015000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 3320AVR.0157Standard2000020000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 3330AVR.0158Standard3000030000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 3345AVR.0159Standard4500045000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 3360AVR.0160Standard6000060000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 3375AVR.0161Standard7500075000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 33100AVR.0162Standard100000100000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 33120AVR.0163Standard120000120000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 33150AVR.0164Standard150000150000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 33200AVR.0165Standard200000200000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 33250AVR.0166Standard250000250000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 33300AVR.0167Standard300000300000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 33400AVR.0168Standard400000400000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 33500AVR.0169Standard500000500000ServomotorTower
Tescom AVR 33 33600AVR.0170Standard600000600000ServomotorTower